Quality Assurance Auditor

Company Name:
Koch Davis
Basic duties and responsibilities:
- Input data directly to the auditing database as required by the Quality Assurance Department.
- Reporting directly to the Quality Assurance Manager.
- Conduct Internal Audits for the Maintenance Department, Manuals, Files, Database, Forms, Aircraft.
- Providing help in the process of maintaining the C.A.S.E. Database Register.
- Conduct audits within the CASS Program as required by the Quality Assurance Manager or Auditing Supervisor.
All qualified applicants have to:
- Be proficient in typing.
- Be experienced in Microsoft Office suite.
- Have Auditing skills.
- Have an eye for detail.
- Demonstrate brilliant communication skills.
- Have SkyTrack experience.
- Be efficient in data entry.
- Express exceptional organizational skills.
Bachelor's Degree
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Don't Be Fooled

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